Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wonder Woman Apron

LOVED making this apron!  This was actually my third try at it before getting it right.  The edges are frayed, giving it a bit of texture.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sneak Peak

I'm feeling a bit like Betsy Ross these days.  Here's a sneak peak of an upcoming project!

Tron Costume

I used a stretchy, snug athletic wear outfit.  Then I just cut out glow-in-the-dark duct tape.  And lots of patience.  ;)

Dr. Who Tardis Backpack

This was a special-order backpack that I made for a friend.

Mistletoe the Christmas Cat Costume

My daughter's favorite stuffed animal is a Christmas cat named Mistletoe.  She begged to go as her cat for Halloween.  What's a mom to do?  I made the costume out of fleece and it was perfect!

Bionicle Mata Nui Costume

I started with black sweats and painted on the yellow symbols on the shirt and pants.  We used a mask we found in the store (I think it was Iron-Man originally?), painted it gold and put the Bionicle symbols on it in yellow tape.  The shoulders and weapon were cardboard, painted and reinforced with duct tape.  He loved it!

Kitchen Aid Mixer Cover

Bucket Covers

These covers fit the 5 gallon buckets from your home improvement store.  They made great carry-alls for your crafting or gardening...and so much more!


The polka-dot backpack was my first attempt.  After I learned some lessons on that adventure, I whipped up some more, working smarter, not harder.  I did, however, finally justify getting a serger on this project so it was a win-win all around!  The backpacks in the bottom photo have cotton strapping and nylon drawstrings.  They all have pockets in front, though that is hard to tell in the photo.

Ruffle Apron

Sling bags

Ipad Bag

A bag just the right size for my Ipad!

Denim quilt

This was a Christmas present for my mother.  I made the pinwheels out of recycled jeans, layered it with a light cotton batting and backed with a denim sheet.  Hand-tied.  It's the perfect weight!  I didn't want to part with it when I was finished.

Girls jumper

Isn't she a cute model?  She wears this dress with pride that her 'Mommy made it'. 

Chick-Fil-A Cow Masks

Easy Kids Aprons

I made these from potholders, kitchen towels and ribbon.  They were quick and turned out adorable!


Fall skirt

Simple fall skirt for my daughter.

Fleece Rainbow Tied Blanket

Fleece Rainbow Tied Blanket


Keychain Wristlet

Titanic Hat

I made this from a pink garden hat, covered it in the red silky fabric and added embellishments.  The skirt was made from an upcycled dress.  This was a costume for a Titanic-themed night.

Pinterest Party Brownie